Western Gulf of Maine Fishing-Research Project


Pilot Project Outline

Gomora Fleet
  • Family Groundfishermen based in New England Fishing Communities
  • Gomora Fishing Grounds – Coastal Waters in Gulf of Maine offshore MA, NH, ME west of 70º 15′ W
  • Day fishing only
  • Vessels 30′ to 75′
  • Trawl Gear Restrictions to Limit Catch & Bycatch
    • Max 120 ‘ Net
    • Max 40 Fathoms  of  wire behind  doors
    • 6.5″ – 6.75″ square cod end net
  • Vessels agree to continuous electronic monitoring
  • Vessels perform full catch retention for non-survivable species
  • Vessels donate their choke species quotas to program
  • Tow-by-tow catch segregation – targeted and incidental
  • Vessels will sea test net monitors, deflectors, sensors, other technology as directed by scientists
  • Vessels research-only in restricted species “hot spots” and closed areas
  • Fleet-wide avoidance of excess bycatch “hot spots”
regulatory provisions
  • Impose above Gear Restrictions on all Vessels in Gomora Fishing Grounds
  • Gomora Fleet given waiver for max bycatch & “discard” restrictions
  • Gomora Fleet has 100% dockside catch monitoring
  • Gomora Fleet uses EMS to confirm no discards at sea
  • All catch above vessel quota is held for research or sold to fund program
gomora fleet operations
  • Normal fishing operations for quota species
  • Shift to research when excess bycatch encountered
  • Availble for research missions as directed by scientists
  • Vessel & crew paid at cost rate for research time
  • Special certification for “Crew Member-Observer”
  • No payment by vessel for research mission technology
  • Program review & adjustment monthly