Data Privacy Policy

GOMORA – Fishing Vessel Data Privacy Policy

The Gulf of Maine Ocean Resource Alliance is asking GOM fishing vessel owners to allow us to access all logbook and observer data available at NOAA for the vessel for all years for which it exists and for the greatest level of detail, including by tow for some observer data.

Our purpose is to create a comprehensive database of fisher experience over several decades and then use this data to form valid scientific knowledge about the state of fish stock levels encountered during fishing by location and time. It is our hope that an adequate number of samples will produce scientifically valid assessments that can be used to correlate with NOAA survey models.

Although the data when received by NOAA will identify the vessel, date/time, and lat/long coordinates, GOMORA will replace the original values with substitute values that will not disclose or allow determination of any of the original values.

Thus, for example, the data may show “hot spots” for various species at certain times, but will not show the actual coordinates and times. Likewise, data will show relative catch by species for each vessel, but not the actual identity of the boat.

GOMORA will quickly address any other privacy concerns to assure that no adverse impact will be felt by fishermen based on this data.

Dave Sullivan
GOMORA Information Manager